Sanjay Menaben Raval is one of the well-known Gujarati speaker on Fearless Life and Personality Development. He has ability to deliver original and useful insights via daily routine examples. He motivates individuals to live fearless life, develop personality and live life positive way. His seminar’s videos have been seen by more than 1 crore people on Social media in last 1 year.

Sanjay Raval’s social media posts reach billions. He has been helping people to live fearless life and realize their inner capacities which will help them achieve goals.

For nearly 5 years, many of the well-known organization, schools, colleges, companies have invited him for seminar on Fearless Life and Personality Development for their events. All the seminars conducted by Mr. Sanjay Raval are pro bono. He has been Doing Seminars, without any Expectations.

His Books “Now I Feel Better than before” and “I like It You Also like It” have sold more than 1,00,000 copies all over India. His 3rd book “Fearless Life” will be release shortly.

His mission for life is to motivate students for believing in themselves and promote reading & exercise. He has done more than 940 seminars in last five years. More than 7.5 Lacs people have personally attended his seminars.

Sanjay Raval – The Journey

Sanjay Raval was born on 5th September, 1966 in Palanpur (Gujarat) in a middle class Brahmin family. His father had a small rented tailoring shop of 100 square feet. He started the journey of life from there and was trying to stabilize his journey passing through the bumpy road of life. He came across two things in life then – reading and exercise.  He studied B.Sc. (Chemistry) in 1987 from Palanpur Science College and LLB in 2011 from Palanpur Law College. In the beginning of his business, there were bitter experience of betrayal and cheating. He tried to come out of this situation with his elder brother’s help. They even faced huge financial loss. His father died before his marriage. When things were getting right his elder brother died in car accident in 2001 and his real journey has started from there.


Sanjay Raval has  Bookstore named Takshashila in Ahmedabad, Private LTD Company, Treasure Books & Lifestyle Store, two “Fitness Zone” Health Club, Hotel Treasure in Palanpur. He is Producer of the movie “Vitamin She” which has released on 28th July,2017. He is having construction schemes of 121 Bungalows (Treasure Residency), schemes of 120 Flats (Treasure Flats), Scheme of 200 Shops (Shahibaug Palace) and Shahibaug palace heritage hotel – work In Progress. He has started a Takshashila Publishing House for new writers and poets so that they can get full money on time to time.


Making of Non-educational, Skilled and Creative 33 schools in 33 districts [(one in 15 acres) and 5 universities (one in 150 acres)] in the next 5 years.  After establishing the school and universities students below 40% marks will get the admission and will specialize in different 50 courses (with world-class training). Purpose of this university is to prepare self-made people standing on their own feet who develop themselves and do not find jobs. In sports they go to the Olympic level.

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