About MEF 2019

We are proud to bring to you the 3rd Mega EDUFEST, a unique educational exhibition developed to serve as a singular meeting point for students and their parents,with educational institutions along with everyone in one ecosystem including the Government and renowned educators.

It's geared to empower the Youth and the students in school to choose their calling in life,and help them decide the best way to go about pursuing it.It will also help impart information about skill development,foreign education,various career options and further studies for students.

To ensure that no student is challenged because of financial limitations,information about scholarships,Educational loans & Govt.Schemes will also be shared.

Civic Sense

Where to know about social ethics.

Scientific Attitude

Curiosity, Skepticism, and Humility

Best Educational Speaker

Where Expert shares their experience


Business Opportunities

Seminar For Parents & Students

Personal Career Guidance sessions

Job Fair

Job Fair

Eminent Speakers in MEF-18

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We believe in giving Value of Money to our participants. we are focusing on dragging more visitors to Mega EduFest 2019 which you deserves. Just download out updated layout and select the location that suits your business. Feel free to talk to our sales team on +91-9638377229.
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Statistics of MEF 2017

Let the history speak for itself for MEF2017
  • Footfall – More than 25000 people attended the event within 2 days of event
  • Schools – 31 schools put up their stalls to disseminate information
  • Job Fair (managed by Ummat Jobs) -  6oo Job seeker have given opportunities
  • Dignitaries – Many dignitaries including the State’s Education Minister blessed the event with their gracious presence
  • Speakers at Seminars : 5 eminent personalities
  • Participants : 70